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Yellow Xanax tablet or "bar" accompanies an engraving that shows R 0 3 9 to separate the medication from different pills. In view of its comparative look to Xanax, save its tone, individuals allude to this bar as yellow Xanax, which is more straightforward to recollect than yellow alprazolam. Its shape and look like a school transport, so the shoptalk term "yellow school transport" was begat.


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For the people who have authentic tension issues, taking Xanax for a brief period might actually be gainful. With a large number of people in the U.S. experiencing tension issues, it ought to be of little astonishment that alprazolam is one of the most exceptionally endorsed benzos in the country, with north of 50 million solutions every year. In any case, much examination has uncovered that alprazolam is a propensity shaping medication with a potential for reliance and enslavement, even subsequent to being utilized for a concise period.