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Buy Tamiflu 75mg

order Tamiflu 75mg

Tamiflu 75mg container is an antiviral medication that contains Oseltamivir as its dynamic fixing. It is utilized to treat and forestall the manifestations of flu in grown-ups and kids. Flu is an influenza like respiratory issue portrayed by dry hack, fever, migraine, a runny nose, sore throat and chills. This medication is utilized to treat straightforward flu during a flu pandemic.


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This medication ought to be utilized simply by grown-ups and youngsters over 14 years old. Accept this medication as exhorted by your PCP in the right portion and for the specific length. This medication is eaten with food to keep away from a steamed stomach. This medication is certainly not a substitute for the flu immunization. Illuminate your primary care physician on the off chance that you have any known ailment and are on any meds.