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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time it’s has been observed that while placing order online people have multiple questions in mind that’s what hold them back placing the order that forces them to place the order later once they are free that’s the reason few questions with their respective answers have already been put in here please go through all of them we believe most of the questions will get answered here.

How can we believe that the information we put in here are safe?

We’re genuine pharmacy service provider working for decades in the same industry and have satisfied millions of people reason being still stand here. Please go through the privacy policy page you will get deep insight of the whole information collected which are kept secret with us as you do have with you.

At what time the order can be placed?

We’re working 24*7 so the order can be placed at any point of time our executive will contact you as per your convenient time slot you mention on your order.

How will the product be delivered?

Most of the shipments are being sent via FedEx and UPS which are the safest way to deliver the product with no delay. We’ve also taken feedback in that regard most of the time from the clients and most of them prefer FedEx and UPS still if you prefer to deliver thru any other provider please do write us or call us at the number given, your request will be honoured.

Do you need Rx/prescription to place the order?

Don’t worry about that as we accept orders with or without rx/prescription, but yes if you wish you can discuss your problems here and we will try to provide you with the best solution.

Is it essential to fill the form to order the product?

No, that’s not true if you don’t have time or wish to place order you can simply drop message either through email or text us the product and shipping information like your phone number, name and the address where the product to be delivered.

How should I pay you to order the product?

We accept all mode of payment like visa, master card, credit/debit card, PayPal, Cash On Delivery, bitcoins etc or if wish to opt any other way to make the payment you can talk to our representative and choose the option as per your convenience.

Do we have money back guarantee in case of any issue?

As mentioned above we have been working in the same industry for decades so you don’t need to worry about that for product quality and all as all the products are genuine only with brand name, yes in case something wrong happens with the packing in transit you deserve for money refund and the same will be executed without any delay.