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order Darvon 65mg

Darvon 65mg is a professionally prescribed medication used to treat the manifestations of gentle to-direct torment. Darvon 65mg might be utilized alone or with different drugs. Darvon 65mg has a place with a class of medications called Opioid Agonist. It isn't known whether Darvon 65mg is protected and compelling in youngsters.


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Darvon 65mg (propoxyphene) is planned for the administration of gentle to direct torment. The portion ought to be independently changed by seriousness of torment, patient reaction and patient size. Darvon 65mg is given orally. The typical measurements is one 65 mg propoxyphene hydrochloride container at regular intervals on a case by case basis for torment. The greatest portion of Darvon 65mg (propoxyphene) is 6 tablets each day. Try not to surpass the greatest every day portion.